A take on cheating in CS:GO by a pro player

A take on cheating in CS:GO by a pro player

Just before we begin, I want to write down a couple of ideas regarding me personally.
I'm a 22 years of age Counter-Strike lover and pro player. I competed in Counter-Strike 1.6 for about six years before switching to CS:GO upon release. I actually began actively playing CS:GO in the winter of 2013 because of several players from my area sticking with 1.6. They don't want CS 1.6 to die. I possess more than 5000 hours in CS:GO, which I often used to take part in public games and ranked games. I also put some time watching my game replays to improve my game. Anyways, I do, from time to time, participate in a few online leagues while still being unable to play with a good team. Although, I thought about several offers made to me, so I can show how much I have improved in CS:GO

What are the basics in cheating?

Cheating exists throughout each and every kind of way. Some individuals prefer to imagine cheating is difficult along at the top levels. Nevertheless, I usually would like to be reminded of Lance Armstrong, an experienced street racing bicyclist. He previously received Tour de France on 7 successive occasions from 1999 to 2005 before getting an extensive doping ban.
Merely an idiot might think men and women would not continue to keep wanting to cheat their own route to the highest level in CS:GO.

How's the cheating problem in CS:GO?

Before we all begin speaking about CS:GO, I want to be able to point out to you personally that cheating has already been accessible within the professional scene of Counter-Strike. At this point, we need to acknowledge the current issue—CS:GO cheating.

In my opinion, the problem along with CS:GO could be the community, Valve, generally generate income off of audiences that are happy to spend money in-game. Buying in-game virtual items like weapon skins, merchandise, stickers, and more.

It is rational and even shown that Valve likes buyers a lot more than they are concerned about gamers with a robust enthusiasm towards the game. Several gamers desire to contend on an advanced level. The majority of update changes give fresh features in which Valve makes earnings. The main objective is significantly less vital than really repairing the game. Valve is doing the exact opposite of making the game better for competitive players.

Casual players who buy in-game items don't have put enough hours against experienced players. These casual players think that professional players never commit mistakes in every aspect of the game. Other players may feel like this when they haven't played at that level yet. With that being said, they even won't notice that these pros are not cheating in the game. In the end, the professional players want to maintain that level of greatness to aid the game fro garnering more players and viewers as well.

What are the cheats, and is it also available on LAN?

Some people may think that there is only one cheat in CS:GO, but in fact, it has many kinds of cheats. The cheats in CS:GO includes from free cheats to private high-end ones.

It is very available even in LAN games. Cheat developers can place these cheats in hardwares like keyboards and mouse. To add more security, ESEA actually released a hardware that can detect cheats from anothere hardware.

How does the community actually react with cheats?

The Valve community's many problems are that they all overreact in every play made when a pro player
s crosshair goes on top of an enemy silhoutte in walls. This is the reason why some players think that the cheat professionals use are lame. In reality, there is actually a big difference between an accidental aimlock and an actual aimlock.

How did the cheating started and what did Valve do about it?

We will now talk about how all cheating started in CS:GO. Since the cheating actually exsisted even before CS:GO was made, some professional players who have already been cheating have just transitioned into a new game.

One player that was caught cheating was JW from Fntc back then. He did not get banned for that incident since the CS:GO anti-cheat have not yet been fully established.

Cheating has continued, but one player, JW's teammate, Flusha has stood out many times. Flusha got countless of aimlocks through the walls in live major events. This sparked a debate among players that even in that kind of level, cheating can be available.

The cheating in professional levels placed a big gap between non-professional players and professional players. This made the professional untouchables because people think they are very superior.

As time goes on, the cheating debate have lessened since Valve prohibited the discussion of cheating among pro players. As this will generally affect the overall health of the gaming community. Given Zeus as an example, he is a famous professional player. If he talks about cheating, this can significantly affect the morale of legitimate players. It can lessen the hardwork being put to CS:GO and eventually rely on cheats.

In the end, the community just grew tired as Valve never really do anything about it. The majority of profit that Valve gets is from the viewers. Players do not really impact the game. As CS:GO goes more popular, the gambling part of CS:GO grows as well. Now, CS:GO has been a haven for many gambling addicts. Using skins as a currency to participate in online betting of professional games. That is why there are many issues like match fixing, and some legal matters in respective countries. Some countries banned CS:GO marketplace due to their country's specific gambling rules.

What will be the natural solution for CS:GO cheating?

Since streaming with handcam will not 100% work, Valve should work on a much beter anti-cheat. Third party anti-cheats like FACEIT or ESEA have successfully evaded a majority of its cheaters. Valve should try to partner with some of the more successful third party leagues to prevent cheating. Up to this date, Valve has not yet emphasized this. Valve continues to profit from other means rather than profitting from actual players.

My final word about CS:GO cheating in the professional level

Some famous professional players who got unfortunate have already been banned. They have already served the exile and shame that the community gave them. As a player itself, it is not time to be aware that an aimlock may or may not be actual aimlocks. The solution is to release a more sophosticated software that can track any changes made by the cheat software to the game. The log reciepts must be analyzed to combat the cheating in CS fully:GO to a 100% level.

Recently, with the coaching ban on exploits, have put Valve into a deeper hole. Now players believe that CS:GO is just another version of professional wrestling. Wherein, matches are fixed and allows cheating.

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