How the FairFight System Works

How the FairFight System Works

What is the FairFight® System?

FairFight uses GameBlocks' exclusive GameChanger™ principle engine. It also uses databases to gauge the player's action, furthermore ensures the FairFight® for everyone. Players' actions are often analyzed in the direction of several report indicators to distinguish cheating. FairFight crosschecks these indications using purposeful server-side reporting products and will take motion when each strategy corresponds to cheating. FairFight's system successfully stops "cheaters" by positively imposing penalties immediately. Simultaneously, telling every one of them that continuing misbehavior can result in severe penalties.

Player Details that FairFight® tracks

FairFight® interprets chosen gameplay activities to discover player anomalies.

  • Gamer details with status
  • Gamer location with an overlay
  • Gamer prompt with kill-count, cool-down, being kicked, suspension, screenshot completely customized
  • Gamer records designed for GameBlocks administrators
  • Gamer list to permit concentrated supervising from your players
  • Graphical representation of player positions on the Ability Chart

Countering FairFight®

With the knowledge given above about FairFight®, you can now plan your approach to counter the FairFight® system as a cheater. It does not directly determine an anti-cheat in a system but monitors the players overall without compromising privacy. The game developer will not ban players, but they will have the ability to impose what sanctions they want.

Understanding it as an A.I. Machine

Artificial intelligence usually takes time to develop to something that it is intended to do. Just like any self-learning machine, it needs more player data to process. This means that the more players cheat, the more it will get better at catching cheaters.

Good Players

There is a certain threshold that a developer can set. GameBlocks gives the developers the right tools to manage cheaters. Usually, developers may want to look first in the statistics. After a player is flagged suspicious, that player will not get banned immediately. The player will be pooled instead with other flagged players to see how they will fair with the better players. Suppose that player still continues to dominate after prolonged periods. In that case, developers can even add more traps to finally identify the cheater.

Looking at a Mirror

The only way to monitor your statistics as a cheater is by looking at your own profile. These three are the most obvious way to spot a cheater:

  • Kill-Death Ratio
  • Head-shot Percentage
  • Winning Percentage

If you have a considerable amount of those three, you will need to lay low slightly. Decrease the statistics. You can also turn off the cheats for the time being.

Beating the FairFight® System

Cheating requires a massive investment analysis. That is why I recommend you to follow this article to get an insight on how to become a cheater. Cheating can be a pain, but it will only get more comfortable as you gain cheating experience. Here are some of the tips that cheaters use to prevent from getting caught.


  • Do invest in a private version of the cheat
  • Do Invest in a legit configuration or settings for the cheat
  • Do use as minimal cheat assist as possible
  • Do study the limits and functions of the cheat
  • Do use different aimbot hitting zones (bones)
  • Do Record your game and compare the video side by side with professional players
  • Do act as a legitimate video game player as much as you can


  • Do not miss regular cheat updates
  • Do not pad your statistics unrealistically
  • Do not abuse the cheat
  • Do not talk about cheats anywhere
  • Do not trash-talk other players about their skills
  • Do not brag that you are a better player
  • Do not think like a machine

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